Published work for Washington, D.C.’s Current newspapers, SlateNBC News, American University’s Eagle newspaper, the Investigative Reporting Workshop and more:

Current Newspapers

The Current Newspapers:

“Northwest parents prioritize neighborhood school access,” 04/30/2014.

Also in this issue: Catania mayoral campaign seeks to galvanize parents.” 

“School system holds stead on contested Walls merger,” 04/23/2014.

Also in this issue: “Catania urges creation of uniform curriculum as part of school reform.”

“Parents question boundary changes,” 04/16/2014.

Also in this issue: “A year later, School Without Walls merger still divides two campuses.”

“Candidates look ahead to November,” 04/09/2014.

Also in this issue: “District details options for school boundaries.”

“Bowser wins Democratic primary,” 04/02/2014.

Also in this issue: “Cleveland Park on tap for library renovations” and “Deal students fete new bus shelter with Cheh.”

“School issues less divisive in 2014 race,” 03/27/2014.

Also in this issue: “Incumbent Bonds mulls student dress codes.”

“Graham, Nadeau face off at Ward 1 forum,” 03/21/2014.

“Voters Guide to the 2014 Democratic Primary Election on April 1st,” 03/12/2014.

Also in this issue: “Boundary changes get airing in Chevy Chase” and “At-large candidate calls for higher ed access.”

“Gray wins straw polls after spirited debate at two Democratic caucuses,” 03/05/2014.

Also in this issue: “At-large hopeful Rubio seeks after-school mentor program” and “Principals outline key principles for success.”

“Mayoral hopefuls square off at historic Democratic club,” 02/26/2014.

Also in this issue: “School system to offer $5 million in grants to boost student satisfaction” and “Council hopeful Settles seeks jobs trust fund.”

“Mayoral candidates hunt for votes and volunteers at American University,” 02/19/2014.

Also in this issue: “City picks team for MLK Library Project” and “Circulator route sought to link Mall to U Street.”

“Bowser leads straw poll in Ward 4,” 02/12/2014.

Also in this issue: “Mayoral hopeful Lewis vows to boost access to broadband.” 

“At-large candidates mobilize in effort to unseat incumbent,” 01/29/2014.

Also in this issue: “Mayoral hopeful pushing for sports, entertainment venue,” and “Council airs school boundary issues.”

“Bowser sets sights on better middle schools,” 01/22/2014.

“Gray cites achievements, goals on early childhood,” 01/15/2014.

Also in this issue: “Georgetown mayoral forum touches on candidates’ pasts.”

“Evans calls for effort to entice filmmakers,” 10/18/2013.

“Shallal pledges new education reform path,” 10/11/2013.

“Mayoral helpful Wells vows initiative to halve teen crime,” 10/04/2013.

“First mayoral debate kicks off campaign season for primary,” 11/20/2013.

“Veterans Day event calls for D.C. rights,” 11/13/2013.

“Chancellor lays out possible initiatives for high schools,” 10/23/2013.

“Amid controversy on scores, board calls from transparency,” 10/09/2013.

“City, federal planners split over heights,” 10/02/2013.

“Gray continues push to achieve ‘age-friendly’ status for D.C. by 2017,” 09/25/2013.

“D.C. officials link statehood, civil rights,” 08/28/2013.

NewsHour Weekend adopts PBS flagship for new time slot, lean production model,” Current, 09/23/2013.

“Liberal groups deliver petitions to WNET, demand PBS air Citizen Koch nationwide,” Current, 08/21/2013.

“First-ever indigenous people’s channel launches with limited distribution,” Current, 08/15/2013.

KQED Newsroom to relaunch October 18,” Current, 07/29/2013.

“PBS expands NewsHour and Charlie Rose,” Current, 06/24/2013.

“Butler cautiously optimistic about spectrum auctions’ effect on public broadcasting,” Current, 06/18/2013.

“WBUR microsite explores Mass. drug lab crisis,”Current, 06/10/2013.

“APM series examines exoneration in the U.S.,” Current, 06/07/2013.


My contribution to Half the Battle, a series done in collaboration with Washington D.C.’s WAMU 88.5:

“Obama earns most veteran support from younger set,” 05/02/2013.

(This includes an interview with President Obama’s top political strategist David Axelrod.)

“Covering Washington for those outside the Beltway: a lost art?,” The Investigative Reporting Workshop, 04/05/2013.

“On Watergate’s anniversary, calls for media reform,” The Investigative Reporting Workshop (reposted by Common Cause), 03/18/2013.

“State budgets in jeopardy as nation nears fiscal cliff,” NBC News, 10/24/2012.

“Tweet Justice: Should judges be using social media?,” coauthored with Dahlia Lithwick, Slate, 04/30/2010.

“Young, Conservative, and Bombastic: Jason Mattera makes the most of his moment in the spotlight,” Slate, 02/19/2010.

“Heads of Lettuce: When did we start describing comatose patients as ‘vegetative’?,” Slate, 02/09/2010.

“Déjà Vu: The White House is always taking a ‘more active role’ in health reform negotiations. This time it may be true,” coauthored with Timothy Noah, Slate, 01/14/2010.


(American University’s student newspaper)

“Specter: political affiliation categories are ‘like bikinis,'” The Eagle, 11/18/2009.

“Sen. Begich muses on federal spending, toilets,” The Eagle, 11/04/2009.

“Commentary: Frank talk from U.S. rep,” The Eagle, 11/01/2009.

“Obama speech rallies youth at UMD,” The Eagle, 09/20/2009.

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